music and video production

… a joint venture by John McCaig and Jack Mants to create music and video.

JMSkwARED Collection

There are many ways you can listen to our music and watch our videos … the best way is to stay connected and watch for updates of our new releases!

If you would like download or buy our music, please check out our Bandcamp site … we are always adding new (and some old) songs!



#1 – We All Go (released 10/07/2013)

#2 – Remembrance (released 04/19/2014)

#3 – Man of Yesterday – featuring Kelly Bado (released 07/22/2015)


A complete list of all our songs are available for purchase through our Bandcamp account. Click “PLAY” button to listen to all our music! Albums #1 & #2 may also be found on iTunes. Once #3 is filled with original music we will put that on iTunes as well. Meanwhile .. check out JMskwARED on iTunes

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