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The Simple Life – by JMSkwARED


“The Simple Life” .. is about the other guy’s imaginary life (inspired by “anyone lived in a pretty how town” by E.E. Cummings)


There’s a rumour going round
Some little guy from a pretty how town
Lives a simple life
He is happy
And not too proud
Not too high
Never down
Always welcome when he
Comes around
Oh the simple life
I want that simple life
For me

But where he goes
No one knows
And where he sleeps
Has not been leaked
His friends are strangers
Nobody has seen
His wife’s the sweetest
Invisible queen
Oh the simple life
I want that simple life
For me

I smoke my dreams
Do by don’t
I laugh my heartache
Cry my hope
Will I lose my habits?
Go for broke?
I say I will
But you know I won’t
Choose a simple
Though I want a simple life
For me


Composed by: John McCaig
Mixed and mastered: Al Hunnie
Vocals and percussion: John McCaig
Keyboards: Hartley B Singer
Electric and bass guitars: Dave Zilkie

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